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Talofa, why not Samoa. Discover brilliant white sandy beaches and tropical mountain ranges covered with numerous gorges and majestic waterfalls.
In Samoa the legend what are the roots of the Polynesian people, and the Samoans are proud of their ancient heritage of 2000 years.

From 1899 to 1914 Samoa was a German colony. Even today, German treatment in the 2900 sq. km island state an important recognition. In Samoa there is also the last home of writer Robert Louis Stevenson, among others, "wrote Treasure Island."

Samoa is a beautiful island country in the South Pacific and offers the best conditions for a holiday. Whether you want to relax and do nothing or even want to know the underwater world of diving - on the islands there are many different thing to do.Samoa is located northeast of the Fiji islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the main islands of Savai'i and Upolu. On the island of Upolu is the international airport and the capital Apia. You will find many boutiques and street cafes and restaurants. One of the landmarks of Apiaist the clock tower, which also is also the symbol of the city.
Another very popular destination of Samoa is the Papaseea Sliding Rock. This is a natural water slide that is 15 meters high, and fun for everyone verspricht. The government building and the memorial can be visited on the peninsula Mulinuu. Steep volcanoes, pristine rainforests and uninhabited landscapes characterize Savai'i.The main town of Savai'i is Salelologa.

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